• Dolce Dress Red Plaid with Black and White Lining
    A beautiful dress that will be equally...
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  • Jellycat Angora Rudy Reindeer
    Explore the quirky cuteness of the softest...
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  • Piper Jacket Midnight Oil
    This stylish Navy 100% wool jacket just...
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  • Jellycat  Cordy Roy Fox Huge
    Yes, hmmm... what DOES the fox say?...
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Our History

From Vancouver, Canada, Redfish Kids Clothing was inspired by the street fashion of cities like Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Tokyo. With strong images and expressive colors, Redfish fabrics are handpicked from around the world and purchased in limited quantities - rarely is the same fabric combination repeated. The prints we choose are reflective of many cultures and of our desire to embrace the new and current while simultaneously harnessing the old and historic in pattern, design and construction.

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