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What's Going On: Redfish Kids x Dirty Apron's Cooking with Courage Fundraiser 


Over the summer  the Dirty Apron team recognized nine stand-out students who displayed qualities championed at Redfish Kids: passion, integrity, determination, grit, creativity and kids who had the courage to take risks, and lead. (Read more about this here)

This month we kicked off our first “Cooking with Courage” event, an intimate and unique fundraising dinner in support of the Dirty Apron’s mentorship program. We began talking with David about the concept for this fundraiser a few years ago and finally sat down this spring to make it happen.

This amazing culinary collaboration teamed up some of Vancouver’s top chefs with our 9 aspiring young “Cooks with Courage". All proceeds for this event went towards the Dirty Apron's mentorship program helping courageous kids from Downtown Eastside Vancouver’s Admiral Seymour Elementary School.

We were amazed and overwhelmed by both the people who stepped up to get involved and those who came out to support the event itself. 

Chefs David Hawksworth, Hawksworth & Nightingale Restaurants - Thomas Haas, Thomas Haas Chocolates, Nico Shuermans, Chambar, Hamid Salimian, Nextjen Gluten-Free and Kids Can Cook were all quick to get on board for this awesome cause.

Event sponsors and partners also included La Stella Winery, A&B Party Time Rentals, Mission Hill Winery, Trimpac Meat Distributors, Albion Fisheries, Mikuni Harvest, Four Winds Brewing Co, and The Flower Factory.

Unsung heroes and our inspiration for this amazing event, Admiral Seymour Elementary teacher Grace Crespo and Dirty Apron’s David Robertson work throughout the year to coordinate The Dirty Apron’s Mentorship program (which David organizes and pays for himself).

“The hands-on experience David’s program provides installs confidence, creativity and teamwork with these students," Grace told diners, “I often hear them say, 'This is the best day of my life.'"

Chambar’s Nico Schuerman’s provides hands on instruction, helping kids plate the appetizer course he prepared for our guest.

Gluten-Free...its a thing! Just ask Chef, Nextjen Gluten-Free Co-Founder, Hamid Salimian.

Young Dragon’s Den entrepreneurs and chefs Chloe and Skylar Sinow (pictured above with Chef Nico Schuermans, and mom, Andrea Sinow), were in the house to assist chefs and present the evening menu to our guests.

Check out our Top 5 Posts here to learn more about these two amazing kids (wow! Slightly humbling!)

“Sorry David, I will NEVER give you the ingredients to my secret sauce (known only to 4th Generation Pastry Chefs from the Black Forest)."

Thomas may be known as Vancity’s leading patissier but his skills don’t end there. Thomas Haas (pictured with Chef David Hawksworth above) created an amazing savoury dish as part of our appetizer selection (he’s also a really good dancer but we’ll save that story for another day!)

Young Heston Hawksworth (shown above with Chef David Hawksworth) gets a few pointers from Dad.

When you think no one is watching...  Sugar - it was just too much to resist!

A funny thing...I first met this character in New York City nearly 20 years ago (hardly possible since he barely looks 25 now). At that time, Thomas Haas was the Executive Pastry Chef for Daniel Boulud’s newly opened flagship “Daniel”. New Year’s Eve dinner at Daniel was spectacular of course, but what I remember most was the 8 unique, intricate, beautifully presented desserts. We still talk about it.  

Weeks later I moved to Canada and about a year later I picked up the paper only to read that Thomas and his beautiful wife Lisa were opening shop Vancouver. The rest is history, and our lives and friendships have now intersected for two decades. As always, it was my great pleasure to have Thomas in the room for this event.

TV Host Bianca Solterbeck (pictured above with David Robertson) combined work and play, interviewing some of our "Cooks with Courage" winners while enjoying a bit of their plated fare.



 xoxo, Redfish Kids





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