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What's Going On: Redfish Kids x PARTYSKIRTS Fashion Show 2016

This summer we teamed up with Party Skirts entrepreneurs Lauren and Muriel Armstrong to create acollaborative line (Redfish x PARTYSKIRTS) which pairs sophistical prints with the classic PARTYSKIRT silhouette for little girls, tweens, teens AND Moms. Brainstorming, choosing fabrics and sharing war stories with these two energetic Dragon’s Den fashionistas was a fun and creative project that added a little twist to the normal day to day cadence.  After launching our Redfish x PARTYSKIRTS collab this fall we decided to pull together what ended up being one of our biggest fashion shows yet which took place at our West Vancouver location.

Backstage prep: its a challenge for me just to get myself dressed in the morning so the idea of pulling off hair, make-up and clothing for 36 models (ages 2-42) in the span of 2 hours was just a LITTLE daunting.  Somehow we did it - somehow we always do - I’m never quite sure how but I know it has a LOT to do with our amazing team at Redfish.

My Amazing partner in crime "Lo" (pictured above with my daughter Kelly and me). In the early days we had a knock down drag out moment at just about every fashion show, photo shoot and event (true story!) Some of the stories have been hilarious and so ridiculous. So many "Lucy and Ethel” moments usually about something really stupid that we laughed about the minute we were done... and still laugh about.

Oddly- though some of the most trying moments at the time, they are the ones I remember most and cherish most- probably because it reminds me how far we have come and how much we have grown - and don’t get me wrong- we’re still immature - just in a different way that I hope we never grow out of.

The really is the hardest part!

Behind the scenes of any brand are those people who always show up - who are at every photo shoot and who always support you no matter what. Pictured above, Redfish models almost since the day they were born posing with our gorgeous friend, Susie Meister (truly one of the kindest, most generous and amazing women we know!)

Nothing gives us a better feeling than seeing all the Moms and Dad’s and kids in the room watching their amazing kids nervously step out onto the stage. They exemplify the courageous spirit that is Redfish and it is in these moments when it all comes together. This is when we love what we do the most and this is when we know exactly why we do it!

What's the best part? The friends, family and loyal Redfish fans have consistently supported us... your support over the years has been a huge part of what gives us our courage and strength. You know who you are... and we hope you know how much we love you all!

Models of Redfish... being "model-ish" #newword

And they're off down the runway

I think they've done this before

Beautiful blogger and Nordstrom Stylist, Michelle Addison (pictured above with daughter Stella) led the charge with her usual style and finesse.

Our favourite part of every fashion show; after the final walk DJ (extraordinaire) Loig cranks things up LOUD for the dance celebration!

Some of the veteran Redfish models - chilling after the show. It's entirely possible that we'll see this pose again...

And that's a wrap!

xoxo, Redfish Kids.


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