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What's Going On: Collingwood Fashion Show 2014

Redfish Kids hit the Pinnacle Hotel runway with style this month, bringing their own courageous and unique attitudes to the catwalk.

Despite precisely mapped out plans (much like parenting), things rarely go in accordance to them. Invariably someone will lose all or part of their outfit (we improvise), and moments after that, a tiny model will march the wrong way down the runway with such an air of confidence that the entire crew follows like ducklings (again - improvise), and usually at least one or two little ones lose it and fall into a completely overstimulated heap (cue the wine for mother of said child).

It's about this point - when it starts feeling like everything is going sideways - that I remember what I already know but always seem to forget; that any amount of control I imagined having was in fact - illusion. And then - a wonderful thing happens; I GIVE IN!  I stop being annoyed at things that are not according to the “plan” and a miraculous sense of gratitude starts to kick in.

Gratitude for our team (who is patient with me even when I’m bossy and seriously annoying), for Lo and her dedication to our line and our brand, for our models and for their parents who made such an effort to get them there, and for our customers and friends who always show up for us. I feel immensely grateful for the collaborative effort is takes to pull together and dress 33 models, and am reminded that in the chaos lies the perfection of it all.  

At the end of this particular show, unbeknownst to any of us, the kids decided to cartwheel down the runway one after the other.  It was so unexpected - not part of any plan - it was just them putting their stamp on things and we loved that they felt they had the space to do that - they were amazing and it was all THEM!

Fashion shows are absolutely an arduous ordeal - ALWAYS - but once the kids get on stage, even the clothes don’t really matter anymore, from that point on its all about the kids; their authenticity, their courage, their hearts... their essence... and that’s a beautiful thing.

Behind the scenes: Getting ready

and a few last pre-show trips down the catwalk before the guests arrive...


Getting 25 young energetic models runway ready is
always a tall order... finding their clothes at the end of the night is even more so!

Kicking off the show off with Lorde’s “Royals”...

...these kids didn't miss a beat.

I love the attitude these two sisters have and how they play off of each other
- they always make me smile.

This little guy’s attitude also makes me smile (...except when its bedtime!)

There’s always THAT kid...the one that never stops smiling - ever - this one has
been smiling since I first met her in Junior Kindergarten!

It took us hours to get his hair to curl like this... (just kidding!)


Up on deck (in purple dress) - clearly prepared to own the stage.


Our beautiful Maya - fit model for our Koi Line and long time Redfish Kid  -
is always a leader and calming influence on the younger kids.
Thank you Maya - we love you!


What a great audience we had - lots of love and support and lots of fun!
Final walk with all our models...

And always alway always - an on stage dance party to wrap it up!
Their favourite part...and ours!


Nice job - we rocked it!

Til next time.

xoxo, Redfish Kids.


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