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My Top 5 Picks: Entrepreneur & Creative Director Stephanie Vogler


As co-founder, president, and creative director of The Cross Design - the popular home décor store in Yaletown - Stephanie Vogler has a keen eye for fashion and fabric. With over 20 years of experience in the retail and design field, Stephanie lovingly handpicks, as well as designs every item for the 8000 square foot shop. As a busy working mom of two, Stephanie cherishes every moment with her children. During the summer months, you will find them stand-up paddle boarding at Jericho Beach, and hitting the blue runs on Whistler Mountain during the winter months.

1. Whistle + Flute Kawaii Sweatshirt + Pauline Skirt 'New Territory'

"This sweater is a cheeky play on Vancouver weather - it may be raining, but we're still smiling! I love the pattern play on the Pauline skirt; the English rose side of me loves florals, especially when mixed with geometric patterns. I'd pair this outfit with leggings and wellington boots."

2. Harajuku Coat 'Spruce Melton'

"The inspirations from street fashions of New York and Tokyo are clear for this one; I love the Peter Pan collar, feminine details and contrast piping."

3. Little Lux 'Zoe the Zebra' Necklace

"Organic, soft and huggable clothing just right for a new baby. The softer, the better!"

4. Baby Lang Set 'Navy & White Stripe'

"Organic, soft and huggable clothing just right for a new baby. The softer, the better!"

5. Sleeveless Courage Tee Stucco + Kùzi Pant 'Inkstone'

"My son lives in sweatpants, but I want him to look fashionable - with the Redfish Kùzi pant, it's the perfect mix between what mom wants and what Hudson wants! As for the Courage tee, it's already an absolute favourite with my kids - it speaks to the number one quality it takes to be a kid.. and to raise a family!"



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xoxo, Redfish Kids.

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