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My Top 5 Picks: Entrepreneur & Counsellour Nisha Kharé


Spokesperson for Canadian women in business during the 2015 Women's Entrepreneurship Day at the United Nations, mother to two adorable children, registered clinical counsellour and founder of Kharé Communications through which she has worked with the Dalai Lama, Arianna Huffington and Deepak Chopra.

By the time you read this, the list will undoubtedly have grown, but it goes without saying that Nisha Kharé embodies courage and grace in everything she does (not to mention she's gorgeous!) - we are thrilled to have Nisha in our Redfish family!


1. Year of the Monkey Baby Lang Set + Minimoc Moccasins 'Queen Bee'

"I love the organic cotton and attention to detail with this beautiful, bold set."




2. T-Shirt Swing Dress Navy & White + Coral and Cloud "The Allie" Necklace

"Feminine but easy to glam up, this dress looks so comfortable and the pockets are my favourite feature. The locally-made, chunky necklace is a collaboration with Redfish Kids; they go just perfectly together."




3. Love Me Baby Baseball Shirt + Pauline Skirt Red & White Spots

"I love this bold combination; kids are full of life and vitality, and should be encouraged to share that through their very own style too."



4. Mandarin Collar Button-Down Blue & Orange Check

"This shirt really speaks to the flexibility of Redfish - pair with the classic kick jean or pop it under the T-Shirt Swing Dress for a really fun look."




5. Kick Jean Classic Denim

"There's nothing better than a classic, well-fitting jean in quality fabric - these are a keeper for girls and boys."




Follow Nisha on Instagram @nishakhare.

xoxo, Redfish Kids.


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