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My Top 5 Picks: Father, Chef & Entrepreneur - David Robertson!

Proud dad to two beautiful girls, tomboy Dylan (4) and girly-girl Chase (7), Chef David Robertson has been a long-time friend of Redfish Kids, often popping in to buy clothes for his girls, and loving their reactions (his wife's too!)

We are thrilled to have partnered with The Dirty Apron on our "Cooking With Courage" project, which includes recognizing one "Cook With Courage" every week at summer cooking camps, and ending with a co-hosted fundraising dinner - facilitated by our "Cook With Courage" kids (of course), and some of the city's top chefs!

Last year in 2016, we held our very first "Cooking With Courage" fundraiser on October 27th to raise funds for David's mentorship program whose aim is to introduce lesser-privileged kids to the culinary world. This year, the new tradition continues BIGGER and BETTER in all ways...stay tuned for more!

1. Lucy Blouse Blue Nightingale + Fisherman Pant Indigo Stretch Denim

"Dylan would love this look; she adores tops with animals or characters on them and the gorgeous bird motif is very her. The pants work so well with so many looks and are wearable and washable too!"

2. Big City Dress Grey Mockingbirds
"I could see both girls loving this dress, Chase for the big twirly skirt and Chinese collar detail, Dylan for the rare and special occasion that she creeps upstairs and comes down in a dress (happens once in a blue moon!)"

3. Flora and the Flamingo Book
"Both girls LOVE books, and we enjoy taking them to the library often, but there's nothing like a new book, seeing them love each and every page over years, and treasure for years to come."

4. Flora and the Flamingo Matching Game
"Monday to Thursday our house is a no-TV zone (Friday night is movie night), so games are a big part of our lives."

5. Belle Blouse Enchanted Rain + Pauline Skirt Woodsman Red
"This is definitely a Chase outfit, she would love the bold contrasting pattern which is classically Redfish, as well as the girly ruffle detail on the top."

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xoxo, Redfish Kids.

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