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My Top 5 Picks: NUVO Magazine Editor-in-Chief Claudia Cusano


Claudia is a true style icon with a penchant for navy over black, and the Italian notion of "sprezzatura" (unforced style). We love that she's raising her two little girls, Inessa (6) and Gaia (3), with impeccable style and courageous values. Every night she wishes them sweet dreams with the words, "Have courage and be kind."

You can't get more Redfish than that!


1. Dolce Dress Forget Me Not

"We love to dress up on Sundays to mark the family day. These whimsical
dresses fit the bill perfectly."


2. Collégien Slippers

"I love these slippers and I'm thrilled to find them at Redfish - I spend more on shipping them from France than on the shoes themselves!"


3. Belle Blouse Carnation + Kick Jean

"Leave spaghetti straps for the beach! Rock this classic raw-edge sleeved blouse and a classic pant to take the look effortlessly from day to night."



4. Pablo Top Supernova

"Never shy away from pairing navy and black; a piece like this encourages kids to play with style but still feel comfortable to go on adventures."

5. Kelly Skirt Wild Flower

"Help kids choose close outside their comfort zone, and put no restrictions on style; I love this skirt and bold print."



Follow Claudia on Instagram @claudiaacusano.
Follow NUVO Magazine on Instagram @nuvomag.

xoxo , Redfish Kids.


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