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My Top 5 Picks: Lifestyle Guru Monika Hibbs

Monika is known for her distinct style, clean aesthetic and character - you'll be pulled into her world by her white airy, real perspective on life as a wife, momma, sister and friend. Recently rebranding herself as MH by MONIKA HIBBS, she creates a lifestyle inspired by fashion, beauty, design, family and all things beautiful.

1. Isola Dress Set 'Ember'

"Redfish Kids does such a great job of taking inspiration from current fashion trends and creating practical, durable pieces for kids. Even better that it's all designed and made in Vancouver."


2. Oeuf Mittens 'Bambi'

"Babies should be wrapped in only the softest things, and these gorgeous mittens made from hypoallergenic baby alpaca wool are perfect."


3. Jellycat Divine Reindeer

"I love the touch of metallic on this whimsical reindeer - sure to please on Christmas morning."

4. T-shirt Swing Dress + Hello Shiso Sweetheart Clips

"This adorable dress paired with these little hair clips is the perfect Christmas outfit."

5. Juniper Books Puffin Classics

"You can't beat the classics, at any age."

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xoxo, Redfish Kids.

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