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My Top 5 Picks: Lover, Artist & Big Love Ball Creator Wendy Williams-Watt


Named one of Canada's Top 25 designers, we think Wendy Watt is all THAT and much, much more. Working as a designer, art director and creative consultant from her inimitable studio, Grace, Wendy's interests and passions are never-ending and her latest creative endeavour Big Love Ball is a bouncing, buoyant symbol of LOVE. An ice-breaker, breath-taker and smile-maker, Big Love Ball is the ultimate symbol of inclusion and invites everyone to play.

"LOVE is our universal brand, our united logo. It belongs to e v e r y b o d y."


1. Dolce Dress Garden Party

"I love the spread of brightly coloured flowers. Of all the various patterns, florals are my favourite. I love the rompers underneath, because a girl shouldn't be concerned when reaching for a peony in the garden."

2. Baby Kimono Onesie
(featuring 'Pink Pachyderm')

"I love the sculptural shape. The colour and pattern reminds me of Kyoto - between pretty patterned paper and the layers of fabric on the apprenticing geishas."

3. Pablo Top 'On the Shore Lines'

"As Pablo Picasso is my absolute idol, this one is easy. The striped long-sleeve tee is iconic. Perfect for comfort when being creative! 'Every child is an artist, the problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.' - Pablo Picasso"

4. Oxford Dress Shirt 'Clean White'

"Although made for boys, also charming for girls. A clean white shirt satisfies my occasional desire for fashion decorum. You always need a proper white shirt at arms' length. Start them young."

5. Etiquette Vintage Girl Baby Sock Set

"I love the sunset coral colour. I also love that if you were in a hurry and mixed a polka dot with a stripe, it would be in keeping with the lovely pattern mix trend! I am mesmerized by personal style. How you wear your S T U F F says volumes!"


Join the movement & spread the love.
Follow Big Love Ball on Instagram @bigloveball.
Follow Wendy on Instagram @wenwillwatt.

xoxo, Redfish Kids.


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