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Courage & Kindness: Celebrating Fatherhood with Gunner + Lux Founder John Petersen


 (Founder John Petersen with daughter Riley Petersen, creative director of Little Lux)


The day our daughter was born was, no doubt, the happiest day of our lives. Watching her birth… our daughter entering the world; I don’t have actual words to describe how amazing it was. Riley, being in our lives - this healthy, intelligent beautiful, creative young person -  has been everything we could have ever hoped for and so much more.



Today, I‘m lucky not only to be one of Riley’s dads, but I also get to “work” with her on a daily basis. Riley is the Creative Director of LITTLE LUX.  Fun, cool, fashionable necklaces for the little fashionista who thinks outside the jewelry box!


(John and Riley Petersen reading #girlboss Sophia Amuroso's Nasty Galaxy)


Every day with Riley is a day full of laughs, hard work, and new ideas. Looking back to the day she was born, it never would have occurred to me that I would be spending my work days designing and manufacturing necklaces with my daughter.  Nor did I think my place of work would have consisted of listening to Taylor Swift and having required “dance breaks” that occur on a fairly frequent basis.



With this upcoming father’s day I reflect back on my amazing, little family;  two dads, and an amazing daughter who teaches us something new every day.


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