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Courage & Kindness: Eat Pray Love

The Redfish Kids Clothing Swing Dress as seen in “Eat, Pray, Love” 

A funny thing happened...

Last week Lo and I (partners in crime and all things Redfish) set out on a whirlwind fabric buying trip to Los Angeles. A combination of work, family and life had put our long overdue trip to LA on hold so many times that we'd accumulated a mile-long hit list which - with small children at home - we were determined to cram into three marathon days of meetings, fabric-buying, and planning sessions.

My amazing Dad, whose Manhattan Beach home provided the perfect base camp during our stay, turned out to be our unexpected saving grace and hero. Catering to our every need, Dad (Randy to those not joined by the bonds of blood) nurtured us with the determination of an Italian mother (a side of him I’d never seen) – cappuccinos appearing the moment our eyes first fluttered each morning and poured wine and fresh sushi waiting each night - he was indeed our guardian angel!

Fast forward to the last night of our trip, Lorraine and I (polishing off a bottle of wine with my dad) joked that we'd miraculously gotten to almost everything we'd set out to do other than to catch the newly released “Eat, Pray, Love” (I know, I know - not very exciting but with small children at home, going to the movies was a BIG deal - something we planned on frequently yet rarely had the energy for). At mention of our “to do” list, my dad left the room - reappearing momentarily with a list of “Eat, Pray, Love” showings - “If we leave in ten minutes you can catch the last show- grab your stuff and lets go...”

Truth be told, we were so tired we could hardly keep our eyes open but (spurred by my Dad's enthusiasm) we somehow managed to rally...sort of. Ten minutes into the movie, we began to slide into our seats like noodles, heads nodding as our brains denied what our bodies would not…we were SO spent. Looking at Lorraine (the morning bird of our twosome) confirmed this for me, and we both agreed -regretfully- that the movie had to wait for another day (#appletv).


Gathering our popcorn and drinks, we paused for one last second as Julia carefully examined the chest full of treasures squirrelled away for the baby girl her girlfriend dreamed of having one day. 

Julia reached in and gently pulled a little black and white dress from the chest ...which caused me to do a bit of a double take - something was so familiar about that dress….what was it?  Just as I started digesting that it was our signature Redfish Dress– I felt a huge jolt of pain down my arm, followed by subsequent waves pain all down the left side of my body. It took a minute to realize that I was in the middle of Lo's “oh my god, our dress is in the movie” beating... and even longer to stop it.


Lorraine hit my arm about 50 times with what felt like linebacker intensity - thankfully the usher arrived just moments later asking her to stop beating me up and for us to be quiet - or leave. Buoyed by our newfound stardom we felt renewed energy and decided to stay ....but just ten minutes later I woke up with Lorraine curled up in the seat next to me - her head in my lap. 

In the end we did head home early - but we were happy. That night Lo and I had found our respite – not in rest or shopping but in an affirmation of everything we work hard for. In the scheme of things it was no big deal but for two Moms slugging away and falling asleep on the floor most nights…it was huge (kind of a jolt in the arm...)

A little sign... keep on moving!

xoxo, Redfish





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